Out Of This World Blends

From Santa Barbara and Beyond!

In the Heart of the Funk Zone

Find Area 5.1 Winery in the heart of the Funk Zone, just two blocks down from the train station

Wine Flights for the Greatest Wine Explorers

Come join us at Area 5.1 Winery and enjoy the blends everybody is talking about.

Join a Wine Club of Adventurers

Clubs to satisfy even the most thirsty aliens. Ask an associate for details.

You are a wine explorer.

Searching amongst the stars in the vast cosmic void for that funky, out-of-this-world blend. Lo! on the tiny rock, third from the sun, you see your search may be over. Quick! Maybe too quick, you crash land in a place they call California. Stories from other interstellar travelers report that others should disguise as one of the dominant sentient forms, lest they capture you and take you to a place called Area 51 where you will be prodded and probed and disappeared, never to be seen again.

You don the disguise of a terrestrial traveler, a uniform of Hawaiian style, shorts, and Birkenstocks. Clamoring for the wicked wine blend you sensed, you ride the primitive yet efficient train up to the place they call the Funk Zone in the heart of a place they call Santa Barbara. Exhausted, you find yourself there, just steps from the train station at a place you find ironically called Area 5.1. Do you dare enter? Cold white wines and wonderfully balanced red wines whisk around your palate, elevating you to a higher form of enjoyment. The question you ask yourself is: How do I get this wine back home?

Come to the Area 5.1 Winery tasting room, in Santa Barbara and enjoy lovely libations. Or if you are in a galaxy far away, check out our wine store and see if we can ship out some out-of-this-world wine blends to you. Better yet, if discounts and perks get you jazzed, check out our clubs where members get curated wine shipments twice an earth year and toast to the best wine blends from Santa Barbara County and beyond!

Our new site is a work in progress and eventually, you will be able to purchase Area 5.1 wine from our online store as well as join or manage your existing wine club membership or subscription. We look forward to serving you Out of This World Blends!